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Mieux A la Maison® (Better at home) is a compagny established for 10 years in France, near Paris, in Orgeval. Our business is based on trust. That's our motto: Mieux A la Maison® (better at home) : La confiance à un nom ! (confidence has a name). Our knowledge is the home service called "comfort" from individuals (MAM Services®) and "home support" among vulnerable, elderly, disabled and convalescent (MAM Dependence®). We sell innovative products and services, quality, new technologies, health and well being, that improve the conditions of "home care" for dependant and vulnerable people (MAM Silver®). 

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offers home services, so-called "comfort", such as household, ironing, cleaning glass, commissions, driving, childminding, home courses, assistance, DIY, gardening.


offers home services, so-called "home support" as aid up at bedtime, commissions, delivery meal, food, company, help to mobility, assistance sick day and night guard.


offers products and services from the "Silver economy" as the adaptation of the habitat, home automation,remote monitoring, connected devices,health and well-being.




Phone: +33 139081778


Mieux A la Maison® : La confiance a un nom ! 

"Mieux A la Maison® (Better at home) : Confidence has a name"

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